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Why Colombia?

Brushing aside its stereotypes of the past, Colombia is a hidden jewel, that offers a vast array of both contrasting and diverse experiences. In Colombia, you have the chance to visit huge megacities, small colonial villages, lush rainforests, arid deserts, majestic mountains, extensive plains, and travel coast to coast.


Beach Bumming
History and Architecture
Water & Marine Adventures
Indigenous Communities
Helicopter Expeditions
Nature & Adventure
Coffee Tasting
Top notch Golfing
Sailing, Boating & Yachting
Whale Watching

Caribbean Region

The Caribbean Region enjoys a wide geographical diversity, it has both, large coasts, and enormous mountains, which implies having a great variety of climates. As such, we can find a great variety of animal and plant species. The region extends from the Gulf of Urabá, which is located on the border of Panama and Colombia, to the Peninsula of la Guajira.


Rosary Islands

Santa Marta

Tayrona Park


Palomino & Buritaca

The Lost City



San Andrés & Providencia

Andean Region

The Andes mountains form the most populated region of Colombia, with 34 million habitants, occupying a third of the Colombian territory and containing the majority of the country’s urban centers. This region was also the location of the most significan pre-Colombian indigenous settlements. 



Villa de Leyva

Medellín & Guatape

Coffee Region

Barichara & San Gil


Pacific Region

The pacific region is covered with jungles and rivers.  It is a region with immense biological diversity, natural environments, rivers, minerals and forests. Also, It has a high strategic location and economicimportance for the country.




Malpelo & Gorgona

Eastern Plains

This region is located in the Eastern part of Colombia; it is also known as Orinoquia Region. This name refers to the Orinoco River which flows alongside. This region is excellent for raising cattle and agriculture because of its vast plains and gallery forests.

Eastern Plains

La Macarena

Amazon Region

The Amazon Region is the largest Colombian region, dominated by the presence of the Amazon River, and the equatorial jungle. In its landscape we can find rainforest and minerals, more than 800 species of birds, 160 species of mammals, various types of lizards and innumerable varieties of fish. This region is rich in ethnics groups, while the most part of his population are indians that preserve their customs, language, culture and traditions.

Leticia & Amacayacu National Park




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